As we move forward, we are looking at building more collaborative partnerships and to bring further quality, value into Occupational Health and Safety Profession and the System in Ontario.

We are pleased to announce our collaborative partnership with:

Employment Ontario, Skills for Change

Employment Ontario, Skills for Change offers a range of employment services including bridging & mentorship programs; providing resources and supports that respond to both the career and employment needs of individuals in Ontario.

Association of Canadian Safety Professionals is pleased to announce its collaborative partnership with Employment Ontario, Skills for change to work closely together building upon individual strengths in order to better serve our clients and the community.

QESOH Staffing & Recruitment Inc.

QESOH Staffing & Recruitment Inc. is Canada’s exclusive leader is staffing and recruitment of Environmental Health & Safety Professionals in Canada.

Association of Canadian Safety Professionals is pleased to announce its collaborative partnership with QEOSH Staffing & Recruitment Inc. to work closely to mentor and support health & safety recent graduates and internationally trained newcomer health & safety professionals to help them build their profession on a strong foundation.